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Two Important Learnings For Startups

December 14, 2015

In the last decade, we have seen a rapid rise in startups in India. They have been grabbing a lot of attention and have been viewed with curiosity. Individuals are thinking seriously on ideas that could be turned into a successful business models. The media recently has seen startups emerging as an independent beat with regular reports on the progress and the industry in general. With so many interested audiences and potential, there are two important learnings that start-ups need to keep in mind.

Follow trends 

First would be to know how to piggyback on stories to show case your start-up. It is important for a startup to analyze which is the most trending story in the industry and then piggyback on the popular idea. Either the spokesperson could speak on the trend, showcasing their industry expertise or could comment lending an opinion to the larger audiences. It is not always possible to generate news. But there are trends identified on a weekly basis. Being present in these industry stories is imperative as higher presence leads to greater recall. Thus would eventually lead to higher sales for the organization.

Today most organizations focus on 360-degree communication and if a startup is present on social media, they should use the medium effectively to connect with the audiences. For example, on Twitter there are trends displayed on a daily basis. It is necessary to give a credible opinion on those trends, which would not only position the organization as credible source of information but also establish a direct connect with the end consumers.

Good Samaritan

Secondly solve a major problem and give the solution for free. It only showcases that how passionate one is as an organization to solve the pain points of audiences. It makes them feel and affirms the fact that one cares. There are several opportunities to help—you just need to be vigilant, alert and the first one to solve it. This need not only always translate into actual financial gain but brings in a lot of goodwill. At the end of the day, goodwill does convert to revenue.

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