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Overcoming adversity with a focused communication approach

June 02, 2020

We are in the midst of the most difficult time in our lives. Not only is human life affected by this pandemic, but the economy has taken the worst hit in recent times as well. The most affected are the small and new businesses that are either shutting their operation or rethinking their operational strategy to survive.

Now, as the world accepts having to co-exist with the pandemic and moves towards adopting the new normal ways of living and working, start-ups have to do the same. While business owners will focus on bringing their best products and services to the table, they will also need focused marketing and communication strategies to reach a wider audience. A good startup agency for communication in India can help these businesses drive visibility and create a positive brand reputation—one that gives them an edge over their competitors.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the worst. Now, with the businesses slowly yet surely rising back up, there are a few important lessons that one can learn from to ensure minimal impact, should there be another crisis of this scale.

1.Those with the ability to touch their audience with a clear purpose will last the longest. Consumers today are evolved and have the ability to connect with brands and campaigns that drive home a bigger picture. Re-thinking the company narrative to include purpose will help create brand loyalists, which will help the company thrive and not just survive.

2.Focus on building credibility. Especially for start-ups, building faith in the company, the products offered and even the leadership can be challenging. However, it’s the most critical element that will help them reach out to their customers as well as potential investors. Luckily there are designated startup agencies in India that can help companies establish their reputation in the industry they operate in.

3.Build an enabling environment that fosters innovation. India is considered one of the world’s third-largest start-up hubs,with each start-up fighting to become the next unicorn. However, what sets each business apart is its passion and agility to innovate and create something valuable for its audience. An innovation, driven from clear and focussed customer and investor recommendations can help drive significant growth. Therefore, businesses should work around building an effective communication channel between all the relevant stakeholders to spark new ideas and positive outcomes.

While each start-up has its own unique challenges but the ongoing crises has accentuated these differences further. Factors discussed above may help a startup to engage with its audiencebetter and leave an ever-lasting impact during this challenging phase. The ongoing pandemic is widely believed to have a continued business impact over the medium-term on the economy.Therefore, one needs to revisit their communication strategies to reflect the rapidly changing times.

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