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Mistakes Startups Make in Public Relations

January 19, 2021

Communications can make a huge difference for a startup. However, if not done well, it can also backfire. Communications for startups should be done right, especially during these challenging times, or else you are faced with either media outlets ignoring you or worse, bring down the brand’s reputation instead of building it up. For startup brands to be successful, here are some PR mistakes that you should avoid:

When the timing is just not right 

Miscalculating the timing of communication is one of the common mistakes that startups tend to make. Initiating a PR programme too soon or too late are scenarios you don’t want to find yourself in. Some of them include signing on a PR firm after a major funding announcement or just a couple of weeks before an important press conference or launch; rolling out with a media launch without a proper media strategy, and when the investment in PR is premature. Topicality and appropriateness of the messaging is also something you need to time well.

Releasing news that is not newsworthy

Sustaining and showcasing the brand’s existence and relevance among the media doesn’t mean pitching a story that lacks a news angle. It is important to understand if the announcement or story will have an impact on the brand’s perception, or the industry, or on their customer base.

Not following up with media as required 

Reaching out to the media in advance for time-sensitive news and following up within the required timeline once the story is released is very crucial in PR. Not doing so will not only hamper media relations but also result in the probable story opportunity being missed. Startups should work collectively with the PR firm and support them with required materials to avoid these situations.

Approaching media without adequate content or visual material

Journalists receive many interview/story opportunity-seeking emails daily and tend to overlook pitches or requests that lack the support of necessary materials, be it a press release or visuals. Sending a press release in an ideal format, and images of standard size best suited for the publication is vital.

Startups will be ahead of the curve if these key mistakes are avoided. Ensure that the PR strategy and execution is looked at against these common mistakes as it will help in making it a success.

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