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Mistakes Startups Make in Public Relations

February 09, 2024

For startups, communication is a double-edged sword. Wielded correctly, it cuts through the clutter and builds trust. But fumble it, and you risk media silence or, worse, a PR nightmare that craters your brand reputation. Steer clear of these public relations minefields, and your startup will navigate the communication landscape with confidence. For startup brands to be successful, here are some PR mistakes that you should avoid:

When the timing is just not right 

Timing is everything, especially in startup communications. Start too early, and your message gets lost in the pre-launch chaos. Wait too long, and the buzz fizzles before you even try to ignite it. Some of them include signing on a PR firm after a major funding announcement or just a couple of weeks before an important press conference or launch; or rolling out with a media launch without a proper media strategy. Topicality and appropriateness of the messaging is also something you need to time well.

Releasing news that is not newsworthy

Sustaining and showcasing the brand’s existence and relevance among the media doesn’t mean pitching a story that lacks a news angle. It is important to understand if the announcement or story will have an impact on the brand’s perception, or the industry, or on their customer base.

Think marathon, not sprint

Instead of chasing short-term media wins, startups should invest time and focus on building trust. If startups fixate on fleeting fame, they risk missing out on fostering meaningful connections and crafting a consistent brand narrative. Invest in building long-term relationships with the target audience through authentic storytelling, the impact of which should be consistently measured. This communications approach will help you build a stronger reputation for your startup.

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