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Make Public Relations the Secret Startup Weapon

February 04, 2016

Every day businesses are made or marred by perceptions. Managing perception is by far one of the most business-critical functions today. Getting the right experts, the right agency is, therefore, one of the most important decisions for a startup.

Choose your experts

For a startup, hiring a full-fledged PR agency may seem difficult, but there are firms that offer customised and focused communication for startups at an affordable pricing.

The best time to hire a communication team is when a business is about to launch. It is your company’s debut and that should be with a bang. You only have a small window to leave a lasting impression and thus the PR team needs to think, plan and execute a strategy for optimal and holistic growth. Though it is given that PR may not be able to perform a miracle, but the talent, experience and acumen can help them pull off a successful launch pad for a startup.

Get the strategy right

The right agency will help entrepreneurs take the next leap through effective and compelling communication. Without a systematic and thought-out PR strategy, a business has higher chance of failing as potential customers and investors wouldn’t know the positives and the uniqueness about the product or service offering. A communication strategy is essential for targeting and understanding the startup audience, studying and monitoring competition and crafting the most compelling campaign messages.

There are many ways to save costs, but trimming on the PR budget shouldn’t be the first option. Also public relations for startups is a long-term investment as perceptions are shaped and preferences are formed over a period of time. But these changes have to be built last forever or at least for a long period of time. So if you aim to not just create customers but evangelists for your startup, then public relations is definitely the secret weapon to do so.

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