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ClientSpeaks: freedom in entrepreneurship

December 10, 2020

Undoubtedly, being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest, most difficult jobs in the world. An entrepreneur is a great leader with a disruptive idea, but that is not all that it takes to run a successful business. One has to be hardworking, dedicated and tactful. An entrepreneur must also have a clear, workable vision but most importantly, they must be ready for failures or hurdles that come with the journey. Despite the multiple challenges that come along with running one’s own business, many still choose to go through that path. However, in choice, lies freedom.

At Step Up, we asked our clients and founders of successful new-age start-ups about what freedom means to them as an entrepreneur. Here’s what they had to say:

1.Akshita Gupta, Co-founder, ABL Workspaces

“Freedom, to me, is empowerment!” says Akshita Gupta, a young entrepreneur who believes in empowering herself and those around her. One must be able to do what they really wish to do. She believes in having control of her own life, and that to her, is freedom.

2.Vikram Subburaj, Giottus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
To this young entrepreneur, freedom is the ability to follow his own dreams—both entrepreneurial and personal. Freedom is the choice to keep trying again and again, while also taking risks, like he did with cryptocurrency. “Freedom to me is to be able to follow my dreams.” said Vikram.

3.Navakoti Ram, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Upswing Learning

“Being an entrepreneur has given me the freedom to chase my dreams, live by my values and persevere to change lives” says Navakoti, who believes that freedom is being fearless. It is this freedom that enabled him to venture on an entrepreneurial path.

To these leaders, entrepreneurship is liberating. It is the freedom of choice, of following your dreams, of taking risks and more.

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