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Keeping Public Relations for a Start-Up Relevant in 2023

January 19, 2023

The year 2022 was like a sine wave, with several ups and downs. On the startup front, according to various reports, the funds raised by startups came down by 50 per cent over the previous year, as did the number of startups that became unicorns. While some industries had to take a major blow with inflation, layoffs, and employee concerns, there were also industries like retail, entertainment, and tourism that did well.

One thing that did emerge, however, was that building credibility and a positive perception has become a necessity. In 2023, make sure public relations and communications is high on your strategic imperatives.

Public relations for startups is essential when it comes to building a recall for the business and establishing a credible image of the founding team. A startup begins its journey on a clean slate, with most startups have little to no brand presence, which is why it is necessary to recognize the efforts and time invested behind the idea that a startup has begun its journey with. That initial idea was powerful enough to get a whole team to be built around it, so it is already a compelling idea. This idea also needs to be put across to the media and other stakeholders in a compelling manner.

The first step for that is to build a strong narrative, with interesting stories to support it. That narrative is then combined with an engagement strategy to communicate effectively and deliver business impact. Here is how that happens.

  • Engaging with relevant stakeholders: While your narrative and messaging may be common, it needs to be adapted to your various stakeholders for maximum impact.  These stakeholders could be potential partners, clients, employees, or investors. The important this is to be where they are, address their concerns and needs and
  • Retaining and attracting talent: Employees are the arguably the most important stakeholders for a company and a clear talent engagement strategy is critical. Given the workplace disruption of the last three years, employee engagement as well as employer branding must be digital first. When your employees are engaged and thinking favourably about the company, they also become the most authentic and credible brand advocates.
  • Tackling crises: Crisis can hit anyone at any time, especially in this hyperconnected world. With a clear narrative, you can also build a solid crisis preparedness as well as communications plan. A strong connection with the media can also help bring the focus back on the positives more than the negatives.
  • Building the founder profile: For startups, the face of the company is its founder. The experience and expertise that the founder has as well as the passion they display makes for the most compelling communication. That is why it is important to build that profile even more.

With multiple benefits, PR for startups is a critical tool for creating a lasting impact and recall. In the fast-changing industry landscape, it is crucial for businesses to evolve with the changing times, including customer preferences and investor dynamics. Experienced PR professionals understand this well and can help their clients rise above challenges to achieve their communication and business objectives.